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The first spot anyone will find for an iphone repair mississauga on the spot and cheaper prices at 905-361-1249 , iphone 6 repair, iphone 7 repair, iphone screen repair, iphone charging repair, and more,

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call us at 416-831-5257. 905-361-1249  THE BEST THING TO DO TO VISIT


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iPhone 7 Repair

What is the difference in quality which everyone asks us for th iphone 7 repair? And our answer always the original Is better then the after market for a long run. We make sure customers are aware that poor quality cost is much cheaper but not a much difference for the display and touch. If you need more technical information or if you are not sure please ask us at Kmaster Electronics 

Cell Phone Screen Repair

Sometimes customer just look for cell phone screen repair and no clue about make and model and thats where our technical team role comes in. We make sure you get the correct prices and offer you the best discount for the screen replacement for any model you carry. Our walk-in on the spot centre is super fast and you will get friendly staff to provide all the best information you needed for the next time if you needed help, please call us at 4168315257

iPad 2,3,4 Screen Repair Brampton

Sometimes it’s worth to drive to get anywhere for ipad 2,3,4 screen repair brampton and that’s why our technique is valuable and someone already trying to copy us who is selling parts in mississauga Kmaster Electronics which is the only company currently offering the cheapest prices and walin , the spot for ipad glass batteries charging and more. We can provide you the reference right here www.kmasterelectronics.com


iPad Screen Repair

We are known for fixing and providing our best ipad screen repair walk-in when you have the cracked glass and everything works but only cracked then We can fix it in an an hour or less, our focus is to provide all ipads with original lcd please call us to get best free quote at 905-781-1209 , apple always come with different names such as retina and other names, regardless the name We can replace any.

iPad Air Repair

One after another model is coming in the market and keeping us very busy whichis a good thing if you needed an ipad air repair you can simply ask our team to give you a rough idea about the cost and time it will take please be sure to get the guard to keep you away from scraches.

iPad mini Repair

Every effort We make to make sure customers are happy when they get the ipad mini repair and We know many secrets when We replace the glass and We check everything specially the 2nd and 3rd generation has many hidden features please ask our expert team for advise at 416-831-5257

Cell Phone Repair Training Course

You may not be aware of that Kmaster cell phone repair training course offered at the same place where you get your broken iphones fix and if you or anyone wants to learn how to repair smartphone tablets this 4 days hands on training will let you fix any smartphone including blackberry and Samsung , for more information you may check www.kmasterelectronics.com and look for latest news.

iPhone 6 Repair

You may easily find us for the iphone 6 repair square one and our dedicated team constantly keep an eye for our competitors and our team has developed a tool which can easily locate our map to your device and bring you to our store entrance please call 905-781-1209 for more info to get your device fix and we are on burnhamthorpe road facing the main road.

iPhone Repairs

When finding us for an iPhone repairs be sure to check our iPhone repair Mississauga on the spot page where you can see we are located near square one shopping centre where condos are , its all walk-in and customers never have to worry about paying higher prices because the kmaster electronics is the only company in Canada where team not only teaches the cell phone repair training course but also provide smartphone problem fix while you wait. Please do not listen to anyone claiming 6 months warranty for the glass its a lie. because when you break the glass you have to pay it again and stop paying 8 to 10 dolllars month protection plan that doesn’t cover screens. If you calculate the amount monthly multiply by 24 months its almost cost of the refurbished phone.
The way the technology changing prices drop weekly, just get it repaired in 30 minutes pay less than a 100 dollars with warranty.